Safe Church Trainers

ECMN has a diverse community of trainers that serve all seven of our mission areas across Minnesota. We gather annually each fall on zoom to support one another as trainers, to pool our learnings from the past year, and to update our shared facilitation tools.

We also offer a self-guided course through the School for Formation for anyone wishing to become a new Safe Church Trainer. Following this course, you will shadow another training twice before leading trainings on your own.

Some Additional Information

  • Trainers may wish to be certified to facilitate just one or both trainings: Safe Church for God’s Children and/or Safe Church for God’s People. 
  • Trainers often offer trainings for free as a volunteer at their home faith community.
  • Trainers may ask for a $150 honorarium and travel expenses when providing a training to another ECMN faith community.
  • These trainings and the policies they teach to are unique to the Episcopal Church in Minnesota and do not apply to other organizations (who may also do their own abuse prevention trainings).

Become a Safe Church Trainer

  1. Safe Church for God’s Children: Watch the Safe Church for God’s Children Webinar here: (4 hours)
  2. Safe Church for God’s Children: Facilitation Tools. Open the Safe Church for God’s Children Google Folder and download and review all the materials (PowerPoint, Videos, etc for yourself on a computer or a thumbdrive). 
  3. Safe Church for God’s People: Watch both of the Safe Church for God’s People Webinars. Watch the foundational one here: (2 hours). Watch the one about the new policy document here: (30 mins). 
  4. Safe Church for God’s People: Facilitation Tools. Open the Safe Church for God’s People Google Folder and download and review all the materials (PowerPoint, Videos, etc for yourself on a computer or a thumbdrive). 
  5. Step 5 – Online Database. Watch the webinar on how to enter training completion data into the online database here (25 mins).
    All of the info in this webinar is also typed out here for easier reference afterwards – Data Entry Procedures for Safe Church Trainers.
  6. Step 6 – Online Modules. Learn how to engage the online modules and create accounts for individuals who wish to complete their training requirement this way. This is an option for people who cannot attend a 3-4 hour live training in-person or on zoom. Review the instructions a person would need to see, and the sample email trainers use to get them started. 
  7. Step 7 – Co-facilitation. Have a phone conversation with the Missioner in charge of Safe Church, Sarah Barnett, and make a plan to co-facilitate with an experienced trainer twice (once for SCGC and then for SCGP). Sarah’s contact information is below:

Sarah Barnett
Missioner for Children, Youth, and Camp
Episcopal Church in Minnesota
1101 W. Broadway Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Cell: 612-759-8493
Office: 612-870-3327 |