Faith Formation Workshop

Preparing Families for Baptism

with the Rev. Anna Ostenso Moore

Saturday February 12, 2022 | 9am – 3pm, with breaks | Videoconference

What do you believe about baptism? How do you “prepare” adults and parents of children to participate in this sacrament? As a group we will focus on these questions and more. We will explore how what you believe about baptism shapes your baptism preparation ministry. We will look at different preparation models and resources. And we will apply our learnings to your current faith community.

The videoconference will include online presentations, large group conversation, small group reflection and personal reflection. There will be breaks for rejuvenation and lunch.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Participants will articulate and understanding of baptism and the value of baptism preparation in their own words
  • Participants will encounter multiple tools/approaches to baptism preparation
  • Participants will evaluate the current practice of baptism preparation in their faith communities according to a rubric presented by the instructor
  • Participants will draft a plan for baptism preparation that will work in their context

Here’s how to prepare:

Explore! Find out about the following dynamics of baptism in your faith community: 

  • When does baptism occur in your faith community? Why?
  • Is baptism an invitation or something that parishioners request? 
  • How is baptism preparation currently happening?
  • When and where does baptism preparation occur? 
  • Who facilitates the preparation? Who else is involved?
  • How do adult and child baptism preparations differ?
  • How is the congregation involved?
  • How do newly baptized people (or new members) take next steps in their faith journey and faith community?

Read these brief articles — both articles will be linked here prior to the event:

  • A Brief History of Baptism” by James F. Turrell from Preparing for Baptism in the Episcopal Church Anne E. Kitch, editor, Church Publishing, 2017.
  • A Note from the Author” by Anna V. Ostenso Moore from Today Is a Baptism Day, Church Publishing, 2018.

Write 1 – 2 paragraphs introducing yourself, your faith community, and answers to the baptismal questions. Email to instructor by Monday, January 31 at

Credit: Maxwell Ostenso

Anna V. Ostenso Moore is the author of the picture book “Today Is a Baptism Day” and “We Gather at This Table”. She has a masters in youth ministry and theological education from King’s College, London. She currently serves associate for family ministries at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, Minneapolis.