2017 ECMN Workshops


Join us for these one-day wonders — opportunities to re-energize your leadership, gain skills, and build relationships with others doing similar kinds of ministry.

Saturday, February 4: Lay Leadership Day

Last year’s Vestry Resource Day was a wild success. Join us again this year to take part in new workshops!

Saturday, February 4: One in Christ: Paul’s Theology and the Challenge of Racial Reconciliation

Paul of Tarsus is among the most prominent and prolific figures of the Christian faith. However, along with being crucial to Christian thought and theology, Paul was—and continues to be—equally controversial. In his writing, he addressed topics that remain hot-button issues to this day: race/ethnicity, gender, politics, and the contours of community. In this workshop, we will explore Paul’s cultural and historical background as a first-century Jewish believer in Jesus, and the ways in which both his social location and scriptural understanding shaped his worldview. In particular, we will focus on Paul’s understanding of Jewish-Gentile relations, and how he set about negotiating ethnic and cultural peculiarity in light of his overarching desire for unity in Christ. The apostle’s approach to his churches, his opponents, and his Jewish people still has much to teach us about the challenges we face surrounding social and racial reconciliation today. In the course of our study, we will see that understanding Paul’s insights and opinions can lead us toward complex and valuable answers to these contemporary questions.

Friday, March 3, 2017: Canon Law | Episcopal House of Prayer, Collegeville, MN

Saturday, April 1: Engaging Theology at Church | ECMN Retreat Center, Faribault, MN

What key practices around God-talk help people connect (and re-connect) with God’s movement in their lives and neighborhoods?

What curricula and approaches shape vibrant faith communities’ conversations about God and Christian life today?

Join others at the School for Formation for a one-day workshop on Engaging Theology, held in conjunction with the online course Anglican Approach to Theology. You’ll encounter the best resources and curricula for children, youth, and adults, and explore best practices for engaging conversations about God in your faith community.

 Instructors:The Rev. Susan Daughtry and Ms. Lizabeth Bougie, Executive Director, Resource Center for Churches. More information here.

Saturday, May 6: Liturgical Practicums | Collegeville, MN

Open to anyone, including those in formation for the diaconate and priesthood, as well as deacons and priests who would like a refresher!