Online Course Design

Techniques to Ensure Student Engagement

May 11- June 15, 2020

This course is designed to enhance your teaching.  It is an opportunity for SFF Instructors, COM members, and stakeholders to do some critical reflection on your own pedagogy. It will be an opportunity to deepen your proficiency in course design and your understanding of integrating media in your classes. In particular, we will focus on backward design and content chunking. Designed for immediate usefulness, this course will enable you to review and enhance one of your existing or emerging course syllabi using contemporary pedagogical practices including “understanding by design,” backward design,” and “chunking.” It will also teach you how to appropriately select educational media to support your learning goals and teaching style. 

We hope to foster a learning community with peer engagement and teaching/learning opportunities. To support this, complete course materials in the order and timing defined each week. Expect to spend approximately 3 -4 hours per week working on this learning.

Technology: You will need a computer with web camera, speakers, and internet access (preferably hardwired) for web conferences; you will need a cell phone or web cam application to create short introductory video . Course meetings will take place via Zoom.


  • Required: 
    • May 18 3pm ET/2pm CT,
    • June 15  3pm ET/2pm CT
  • Optional: 
    • May 25  3pm ET/2pm CT,
    • June 1    3pm ET/2pm CT,
    • June 8    3pm ET/2pm CT

Faculty: Julie Anne Lytle, MDiv, PhD of Bexley Seabury

Life Lover. Curious Innovator. Natural Networker. Change Navigator. My career links theology, faith formation, and technology. My goal is to connect people, provide them access to resources they need, and build communities of practice to support and sustain efforts that enact the Dream of God. I’ve always been interested in how environments fashion and form individuals and communities. Together we will share how to connect the dots between setting learning goals, creating engaging processes for students to achieve them, and selecting appropriate media for teaching and learning.


Contact by May 1, 2020. Space is limited – priority will go to School for Formation instructors.