Lay Leadership Day Workshops

Workshop Session One Offerings

Asset Mapping

Joy Skjegstad

Asset Mapping is a simple tool that can transform the way your congregations thinks about possibilities for new ministry and new impact. Focusing on the giftedness of your people and the assets you  possess (rather than on all of the things you lack) can lead to new ideas and new energy for moving forward. The tool can be used in any context and with any size group. Once you identify your own assets, you can combine these with assets you discover in the community around your church (through a listening process or community asset-mapping) to develop ministry that fits the context of your own congregation as well as the surrounding neighborhood.

Healthy Boundaries

Okokon Udo, LeaderWise

What is healthy for self? How do we respect and honor that for and with others? How do we as lay people exercise our own good boundaries? How do we accompany our clergy in setting good boundaries? What are some boundary issues to be aware of? These and other questions will be addressed during this workshop.

Evangelism/Mission Roundtable

Stephen Richards, Rachel Babbitt

This roundtable will discuss the overview of evangelism with the focus on your story.  Why do you think your faith is important? How can understanding and articulating your story help you share God’s love in the world? This roundtable will also have opportunities for the group to discuss what people are doing in their faith communities.

To Everything There is a Season: At Home with the Liturgical Year

Sue Van Oss

Making connections between the communal celebration of liturgy and faith life in the homes of families, couples, and individuals is crucial. The seasons of the church year can be celebrated in homes to engage all ages and life stages in forming deeper connection and meaning to the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost. Learn how to create “Faith at Home” kits for these seasons along with an intergenerational whole congregation festival for each season. See samples from several kits and seasonal festivals including the very popular “Advent around the World Festival” that drew rave reviews after its debut in 2017. #intergenerational #faith at home #family ministry #liturgy

Leader: Sue Van Oss has been a Christian Formation minister for over 30 years and is presently Director of Christian Formation at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Duluth, MN. At St. Paul’s she has transitioned the congregation from a traditional “Sunday School” approach to a very successful model which centers on intergenerational ministry, midweek faith formation (which has resulted in significant increases in attendance) and bringing the seasons of the church year into the homes of the congregation. She received her Master’s Degree in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University, Chicago.

Church Safety – Threat Mindfulness

The Rev. Tim Kingsley

The goals of church security are detection, deterrence, and response. Threat mindfulness is where we need to begin. If we can name and understand the threats, or better yet, understand what needs to be present for these threats to exist, we have the opportunity to interrupt them. In this his break out session, we will discuss basic ways to accomplish safety goals and create a framework to invite a safety into the culture of our faith communities.

Managing Projects

Lyn Van DeSteeg

Do you have an idea that you think is too big to take on? Or is a current project suffering from volunteer burn out? Learn more about managing projects and engaging volunteers in this seminar and you will find ways to make ideas take shape and reduce the risk of burn out. Seminar leader Lyn VanDeSteeg, holds a Master’s Degree in Corporate Leadership and Development and worked for a major corporation teaching the principles of Project Management  and Change Management

Workshop Session Two Offerings

Way of Love Roundtable

Rachel Babbitt

This roundtable discussion will provide time for those in attendance to share what they are doing in their faith communities to utilize the tools available around the Way of Love. Additionally, we will discuss where to access these tools and ways to use them in your context.

Artful Facilitation

Okokon Udo, LeaderWise

How do we facilitate effective meetings? How do we give voice to what it means to be an effective team. What skills are needed to facilitate effective meetings? What are some best practices? What’s different about facilitation in the church context? These and other questions will be addressed in this presentation.

Movement Building – What Would Whipple Do

Daniel Romero, The Rev. Judy DesHarnais

This workshop will go over how to build movements within our faith communities with examples from the What Would Whipple Do? Campaign.  Additionally, this workshop will discuss next steps and best practices for organizing.

Faith Formation Roundtable

Sarah Barnett, The Rev. Susan Daughtry

Bring your energy and your questions for all things faith formation! We’ll talk about ministry with children, youth, adults, and families. We’ll start by naming the urgent work and long-term challenges and opportunities we’re facing in our faith communities. Then we’ll share resources, worries, best practices, and wonderings with each other. This is a great chance to connect with a network of wise, experienced, adventurous folks as we build meaningful opportunities for formation at our faith communities.

Working with volunteers in times of change

Lyn Van DeSteeg

Yes, the world is changing and everyone deals with change differently (or not at all).   While we’d like to think otherwise, even our own congregation has always been changing.  This 1 hour seminar will not make your challenges go away, but it will help you understand the process of change and how you can help others keep moving forward. Seminar leader Lyn VanDeSteeg, holds a Master’s Degree in Corporate Leadership and Development and worked for a major corporation teaching the principles of  Change Management and Project Management.