Lay Leadership Day Workshops

Workshop Session One Offerings

Stewardship – It’s really about Giving
Dan White, St. Matthew’s, St. Paul
Stewardship is one of the toughest areas in the church to recruit help or workers.  Often called “the worst job in the church”, our fellow parishioners are usually happy to stand back and let someone else do it.  Like many other aspects of our lives, the dread that surrounds stewardship is because our exposure to it came from well-intentioned but wrongly informed people who did it out of a sense of responsibility rather than joy.  The stewardship leader can be someone who shows the path to both lay people and clergy.  You can be a creative leader who shares a positive message about giving with everyone.  Before attending, prepare by thinking about those times the pledge drive was really bad in your experience and also when you saw something that worked well.  Come prepared to share! 

Conflict Resolution
Judy and Sarah Shoulak
Join us for this engaging workshop focused on helping you navigate conflict more effectively. This interactive session will equip you with tools to use in a variety of situations inside and outside of the church environment.  Being a conflict resolver means learning to practice the arts of understanding and active listening.

What’s My Neighboring Score?
Chad Schwitters
“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind– and love your neighbor as yourself”. With courses and catechisms, lessons and lectionaries we have gotten good at focusing on developing our ability to “love God”. What if we could measure our ability to “love neighbor” and get better at it? This workshop will be talking about a “neighboring score” and how to become better at the 2nd part of the great commandment.

How to Win Volunteers and Engage People
This workshop will be 2 hours in length
Molly Reichard, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
We’re doing all this great stuff, but where are all the people?  I can’t get people to volunteer for the great stuff we’re doing!  During this 2 hour deep dive, we’ll look at how to think strategically about your ministries, how to recruit and retain volunteers, and how to invite others into ministry with you.

Easy Evangelism
The Rev. Marcus Halley, Missioner for Evangelism, Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Minneapolis
Evangelism, sharing the “Good News,” is something that is asked of all followers of Christ. This 50-minute workshop will explore how congregations can develop a culture of Good News. This is done by helping individuals within our communities become more in touch with their “good news” stories and cultivating the capacity to share them.

Workshop Session Two Offerings

Church Safety 101 – Actions in a time of fear
The Rev. Tim Kingsley, St. Mark’s Cathedral
Come and explore basic church safety around issues of fire, severe weather, medical emergencies, elevator entrapments, and protection of vulnerable acts of violence. How do we define what church safety is? How do we name and define what concerns us? What are the best ways to interrupt these concerns?

Transparent Finances: How to use parochial reports and audits to reflect and refine your work
Jennifer Gamberg, Missioner for Finance  – Lizanne Geno, Missioner for Administration
Audits and Parochial reports are part of canon requirements for faith communities.  In this workshop we’ll talk about some practical how-to’s and tools to get this work done successfully and how these can be used as tools to help faith community leaders reflect on the work and refine it in order to align with the mission and desired impacts of the faith community. Some Human Resources best practices will also be provided.

Theology of Enough
Chad Schwitters
Take a deeper dive with Chad Schwitters to explore where the ‘theology of enough’ shows up in Scripture and in our lives as worshipping communities.

Keeping God in Your Meetings
Karen Olson, Missioner for Ministry
The business of the Church is a lot of work – and sometimes, we get so wrapped up in all the things that need to be done, we forget to see God, who is sitting right there with us, begging us to keep our eye on God’s mission and not just the bottom line. In this workshop, we’ll talk about ways to structure your meetings that keep God front and center.

Outreach and Engagement – What are we actually doing?
Rachel Babbitt, Missioner for Community Engagement
Review of outreach and engagement opportunities within ECMN and time to share what faith communities are doing.  Session will go over best practices for engagement within a faith community, partnership possibilities, evaluation, and “sunsetting”.  Great for lay leaders that are volunteers or leaders of outreach programs and those interested in renewing their programs.