Lay Leadership Day

Building effective practices for vibrant communities

Saturday, February 17, 2018 | 9am – 3pm | ECMN Gathering Space, Minneapolis | Free

On February 17th, join over 100 leaders from across the state to get the practical tools and resources you need to lead and serve.

We gather because we have so much we can learn from one another.
We gather because we have so much we can teach one another.

During this one day event, you’ll gain new skills and resources, you’ll meet with others who share your leadership position and build relationship with folks from faith communities nearby.

We’ll spend time in a large group learning from lay leaders doing innovative work, there will be workshops for skillbuilding, and affinity groupings where you can ask questions, share resources and ideas and build your practice.

You’ll walk away from this event with more tools in your toolbelt of best practices, and with relationships that help support your work and ministry year round.

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Lay Leadership Day is brought to you by the School for Formation, which is committed to providing opportunities for leaders to get the knowledge and skills they need to put their calling into practice.

This event is free, lunch is included.

We’ll be gathering at the new offices of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota – 1101 W Broadway Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55411

Afternoon Workshops

Church Safety – Threat Mindfulness
Tim Kingsley
The goals of church security are detection, deterrence, and response. Threat mindfulness is where we need to begin. If we can name and understand the threats, or better yet, understand what needs to be present for these threats to exist, we have the opportunity to interrupt them. In this his break out session, we will discuss basic ways to accomplish safety goals and create a framework to invite a safety into the culture of our faith communities.

Discover your gifts and celebrate them!
Karen Olson
This workshop will include a teaser exercise that helps define your gifts and your passions – plus you will learn how to find more exercises like this where you can invite your faith community in discovering each others gifts together. God has work for us to do – let’s help by learning about what God is already doing in and through us!

There’s a gazillion roles for lay people!
Karen Olson
Well, maybe not a gazillion, but your Commission on Ministry has identified at least 40 roles the laity exercise in the name of God and the Church – and we know there are many more! Come and see the things you or others in your faith community are already doing. Plus, you’ll learn about formation opportunities for each role, too!

The Devil’s in the Details
Michael Pipkin
It may be the most boring workshop that you’re glad you went to. We’ll cover best practices for record retention, agenda creation, minutes, cemetery record keeping, meeting planning, insurance.

Managing Projects and Engaging Volunteers (2 Hour Session)
Lyn VanDeSteeg
Do you have an idea that you think is too big to take on? Or is a current project suffering from volunteer burn out? Learn more about managing projects and engaging volunteers in this seminar and you will find ways to make ideas take shape and reduce the risk of burn out. Seminar leader Lyn VanDeSteeg, holds a Master’s Degree in Corporate Leadership and Development and worked for a major corporation teaching the principles of Project Management and Change Management.

A Practical Guide to Year Round Education in Support of Pledge Drives
Dan White
Attendees will learn about the theology of giving and how it can be shared with the congregation in ways that they can internalize.  We will also study the mechanics of running a pledge drive.  Learning generosity in church is one of the most difficult things we do because it requires talking about our relationship with God and our relationship with money, two of the toughest things we do.  Learn how to teach about giving using methods already availabe to your faith community.  Increase the overall participation in pledging by thorough follow up.  Perhaps best of all, recognize that if what you are doing does not bring you and your congregation joy you are allowed to back up, re-think and try again!

Conflict Resolution
Judy Shoulak, Sarah Shoulak
Even All-Star Teams have conflict.  And being an effective leader means learning to practice the art of understanding toward resolving that conflict. Recently retired EVP and President of North America Buffalo Wild Wings Judy Shoulak and her millennial daughter/Communication Specialist Sarah Shoulak show session attendees how to identify and navigate conflicts in a variety of situations…..presented in an engaging and interactive workshop format.

Transparent Finances: How to use parochial reports and audits to reflect and refine your work
Jennifer Gamberg Lizanne Geno
Audits and Parochial reports are part of canon requirements for faith communities.  In this workshop we’ll talk about some practical how-to’s and tools to get this work done successfully and how these can be used as tools to help faith community leaders reflect on the work and refine it in order to align with the mission and desired impacts of the faith community. Some Human Resources best practices will also be provided.

Take Advantage of SFF Resources for your Faith Community
The Rev. Susan Daughtry
Get a personalized tour of our resources! Find out how the SFF can help you get the knowledge and skills you need to put your calling into practice. This workshop will be great for anyone looking to see what resources are available for their own learning, and for folks who coordinate adult faith formation.

Starting New Things
Steve Mullaney, Bob Leopold
Do you feel called to start something new at your faith community? Or even start a brand new faith community? Steve Mullaney and Bob Leopold have been there and are eager to listen, dream, imagine, pray, and discern what New Things you and your community might be called to start. Wherever you are in your process join us for a hugely entertaining and highly interactive workshop.