How to Complete Safe Church Training

  1. Determine which level of training you need to take. 
  • Tier I: Each faith community is required to offer basic community-wide training annually. This training should reach as many members as possible, and it should cover an introduction and overview of the six policy documents for ECMN, both Tiers II and III.
  • Tier II (Safe Church for God’s Children) is required for anyone who has access to facilities and/or is in ministry with children, youth, or vulnerable adults.
  • Tier III (Safe Church for God’s People) is required for all paid staff, clergy, spiritual directors, lay eucharistic ministers, and any other volunteer leaders involved in overseeing or leading pastoral care ministries for adults. 

2. See if you can fit one of the upcoming zoom training sessions into your calendar and register.

3. Ask your home faith community about how they want to do background checks. If they choose to go through ECMN, you can print and fill out this form and email it to If your faith community chooses to use its own background check service (which some do in part to avoid requiring individuals to give their social security numbers), they can edit this form.