Missional Leadership: Participating in God’s Life and Love for the World

Missional Leadership square

What is the church here for? How can we understand mission in a world in which the church no longer holds cultural privilege? What is God up to in the neighborhood and how are we gifted and called to join in God’s healing of creation? What does the shape of God’s life in Trinity mean for how we engage our neighbors? This course will explore biblical and theological understandings of mission as we seek to understand the church’s identity and purpose in a post-establishment, post-colonial era.

Students will

·       Gain familiarity with the church’s establishment legacy and post-establishment context

·       Develop a working understanding of the Trinitarian theological basis for missional church

·       Reflect upon leadership practices for a missional church

·       Begin to articulate a missional approach to a particular congregational setting with which they are familiar.