Anglican Approach to Theology

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What We Believe: Theology in the Anglican Tradition

It has become rather commonplace to suppose that Anglican Christians care mostly about liturgy and not very much about theology. While there are some good reasons for that characterization, it’s not historically accurate. Anglican traditions exhibit a rich and diverse history of theological reflection. One of the contributions of that history has been the insistence that how Christians think and talk about God makes a critical difference in what Christians believe. In that regard, Anglicans have consistently turned to the communal nature of theological reflection, or the importance of conversation in how we “do” theology. As the product of a living tradition, Anglican theology is in constant and evolving dialogue with the diverse contexts in which it takes shape. In this course we will explore our theological roots in the Anglican tradition and will engage the tradition from the perspectives we bring to the conversation as we explore some of the major doctrines in Christian theology.