Willing to Be Changed

Consider this phrase: willing to be changed.This attitude is at the heart of any faith journey: the conscious consent to being transformed by that which we encounter. Perhaps, sometimes, that means the conscious discernment about how we wish to be changed, and the pursuit of experiences that will shape us — though that pursuit can … More Willing to Be Changed

What is truth?

Whether you are an everyday Christian wondering what to do with our Presiding Bishop’s call to evangelism, or a preacher or pastor seeking the ground of your most tender and impactful work, you are welcome. … More What is truth?

The Path of Descent is the Path of Transformation

Looking for inspiration for your continuing education for this year? Check out this guest post from Katherine Lewis and Tom Sinning. Did you take part in an exceptional formation event? Write it up and share it with us! The Rev. Katherine Lewis (St. David’s, Minnetonka) and the Rev. Tom Sinning (Emmanuel, Alexandria) immersed themselves in … More The Path of Descent is the Path of Transformation

Become what you receive

Wherever you are in your own journey of healing and transformation, you are invited to join with others in the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement, offering your self — your gifts and flaws and skills and delight — in harmony with the Holy Spirit’s work in the world … More Become what you receive

White Supremacy and Your Faith Community: Three Questions to Consider

Friends, here are three key questions for your faith community to wrestle with in the wake of the recent events in Virginia. We’ve offered some resources that we hope will support you as you pray through these issues together. 1) What’s the long work your faith community is doing to build beloved community in your … More White Supremacy and Your Faith Community: Three Questions to Consider

Preaching Through Uncertain Times

Here’s a resource the School for Formation is proud to share: a self-led online course at Backstory Preaching called Preaching Through Uncertain Times.  Lisa Cressman and her colleagues at Backstory Preaching led the SFF’s Homiletics course last fall, earning high praise and respect from their students. Adam Estrem took the class and wrote afterward, “The homiletics course … More Preaching Through Uncertain Times