Community Covenant

A code of conduct for learning in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota’s School for Formation

In the Baptismal Covenant of the Episcopal Church, we pledge to respect the dignity of every human being. As a learning community forming leaders for ministry, the School for Formation takes very seriously our elevated responsibility to practice and model that respect in all of our interactions with one another. In addition to standards put forth in ECMN’s Safe Church policies, the School for Formation holds the following expectations:

  • A high tolerance for the exchange and exploration of ideas. Anglican and Episcopal identity hinge not on our doctrinal conformity but on our willingness to meet God together in worship. Thus respect for individual conscience and evolving processes of collective discernment are key to our formation schools and seminaries. 
  • An expectation of respectful communication. While much of our community interaction takes place online, and it’s often more difficult to read tone in text than in direct, face-to-face communication, we invite participants to assume positive intent and ask for clarification.

The School for Formation, as a learning community forming leaders for ministry, believes that threatening language, aggression, and bullying are inappropriate behavior in our courses. Likewise, sarcasm and scorn walk a dangerous line, one that students and instructors alike avoid in hopes of allowing each other maximum room to assume positive intent and thus to keep on learning with and from one other.

ECMN and the School for Formation take bullying and aggressive communication very seriously. In a case where such a concern is raised by a student or instructor, steps will be taken by a response team of instructors and administrators to clarify the concern, invite reconciliation if it is desired, and to suspend enrollment of participants if they are unwilling to productively change problematic behavior.

School for Formation participants who have a concern should contact their instructor and/or the Missioner for Formation directly for next steps.