Trainer Camp

A yearly certification and learning community for ECMN Safe Church Trainers

Join fellow Safe Church trainers from across ECMN for a yearly chance to touch base, renew your certification, and connect with emerging wisdom. As ECMN embraces new curriculum and practices to keep our faith communities safe for all God’s people, this learning lab will gather us to encounter those new materials together and lay the groundwork for a collaborative community of Safe Church trainers for the future.

The course starts with one four-hour session – choose either:

  • by Zoom videoconference Saturday June 15th by Zoom 9am – 1pm, OR
  • in person on Thursday June 27th 1 – 5pm (4h) in person at 1101 W Broadway, Minneapolis

Then, online learning together, September 16 – October 25, 2019.

The online learning community includes

  • Case studies
  • Reading new resources and reflecting together
  • Best practices and protocols
  • Pre-incident indicators and threat awareness
  • Skills for helping leaders manage multiple roles in faith community settings
  • Exploration of all hazards emergency management concepts
  • Defining risk vs. threat
  • And, of course, theological reflection on all of the above

COST: Free

Facilitator: The Rev. Tim Kingsley

Per the new ECMN Safe Church policies, successful completion of the Trainer Camp experience is a yearly expectation and prerequisite for functioning as a Safe Church trainer in the subsequent program year.