Safe Church: Security and Emergency Management

Safe Church: Security and Emergency Management

Online: Dates forthcoming!

Cost: FREE

In our Baptismal Covenant, we promise to respect the dignity of every human being. One way that we live out that value in ECMN is through the implementation of our Safe Church Policies. 

Safe Church Policies establish and maintain standards intended to ensure that our faith communities are safe places where all of God’s people are loved and encouraged to grow into the people God calls us to be. These policies provide specific recommendations, best practices, and guidelines that seek to protect children, youth, and vulnerable adults. Security management is the identification of a community’s assets: the people, property, and identity there.

Natural disasters, violence, and current events can create unsafe conditions for a faith community and its neighbors. In this course, you’ll work with the Rev. Tim Kingsley to understand policies and procedures for protecting these assets and apply them to your particular context. You’ll draft an emergency action plan and conduct a risk assessment – tools that you can take back to your faith community for implementation immediately. You’ll learn the skills to discern the difference between bias-based judgment and truly suspicious behavior, and best practices for responding to suspicious behavior. And, finally, you’ll learn about the ways previous trauma functions in your faith community, and how you can use trauma-informed care to respond.

Who should take this course?

Anyone who has leadership responsibility in a faith community: clergy, staff, volunteers, vestry or bishop’s committee members, ushers, property committee members: Anyone who has a key to the building will find this a helpful platform for thinking about how we steward the safety of our people and our space while we love our neighbors. Groups from a faith community are welcome to learn together.

How much time will this take?

Plan on spending about 2 hours per week on reading, thinking, and responding to the materials.

What previous training is required?

None. Previous Safe Church training will be helpful but is not required.

What materials are required?

A computer with an updated browser and internet access. The course may include Zoom meetings, which would also require video/audio capacity and/or telephone access.

Instructor: The Rev. Tim Kingsley