Orientation to Moodle

For new students in the School for Formation and anyone who plans to attend School for Formation courses. Guy Drake will walk you through the mechanics of the online platform we use for our courses, as well as key practices and habits that make online learning successful.

Date: 9am – 12pm, Saturday, August 5, 2017GDrake

Location: Heritage Room, St. Mark’s Cathedral, 519 Oak Grove St, Minneapolis

Instructor: The Rev. Guy Drake, Deacon

Before August 5:

  • You will need a laptop computer that you are familiar with. If it’s new, be sure to walk through the computer’s tutorial well ahead of time!
    • Key capabilities: You will need to be comfortable accessing wi-fi internet and navigating the internet, accessing your email, and organizing files such as documents and photos. If that’s challenging, use the resources here to get caught up!
    • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) or the Apple equivalents are basic tools for learning these days, and you will need them.
  • Take a photo of yourself and save it to your laptop in a place you can easily find.
  • Know how to access your email. We strongly recommend having a gmail.com account, as you will be using Google Drive later on!

Cost: $50

Register here.