New Testament Interpretation

Online with the Center for Anglican Learning and Leadership: January 18 – March 8, 2021
Videoconferences: This course does not involve videoconferences.

The New Testament stands as the key resource for preaching, theology, and spiritual formation, growth, and encouragement in the Christian tradition. This course will give students a foundational background in the process of faithful interpretation of New Testament texts for ministry and service in congregations. We will explore the historical and cultural context of these texts in order to better understand their message for us, but we will also focus on their literary aspects—understanding both what the author is trying to say but also how he is saying it. Through this approach, students will gain not only knowledge about the texts and their content but also skills in interpreting those texts as congregational leaders, mentors, and counselors who can help those they serve to become faithful and perceptive readers of New Testament texts as both historical documents and spiritual resources for the church today.

Required readings:

  1. A Critical Edition of the New Testament (such as the HarperCollins or Oxford Study Bible)
  2. Boring, Eugene M. An Introduction to the New Testament: History, Literature, Theology. Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster John Knox, 2012.

Instructor: Dr. Peter Ajer, Lecturer in New Testament, Church Divinity School of the Pacific