Missional Leadership Lab

Online dates: Forthcoming

Videoconferences: Forthcoming

Instructor: The Rev. Tim Hodapp, Canon for Mission Collaboration, Episcopal Church in Connecticut

Pre-requisite: Missional Leadership I.

What might it be like to travel lightly together and join in what Jesus is already up to in the places where you live and work, play and pray? (Luke 10 and the Taskforce for Reimagining the Episcopal Church.) Join a community of ECMN Episcopalians and discover how! The Missional Lab is designed as a series of conversations, experiments, and reflections. Our cohort of sojourners will gather to study, pray, and engage some missional experiments. Bookended with two day-long gatherings and supplemented through regular ZOOM conversations and readings, we will try on spiritual practices and reflect together on our readings, experiences, and learnings.

Reading List:

  1. Joining God, Remaking Church, Changing the World: The New Shape of the Church in Our Time by Alan Roxburgh
  2. Incarnational Mission: Being With the World by Samuel Wells
  3. Quietly Courageous by Gil Rendle

What previous participants said:

“The Lab did two things for me that were really helpful. It raised relevant/challenging questions about the mission of our faith communities – what it can/should be; and it provided lots of practical, doable ideas for how to help our communities live that mission. I find myself applying the insights I gained all the time in small and big ways.”

-The Rev. Larry Bussey

“Missional Leadership Lab is the right balance of reading and practice for any person who seeks a deeper experience of being church in the world. The readings, online discussions and the experiments from month to month helped me connect tradition and theology with real practical applications in real time. I learned how to read scripture closely, share the Good News with others, walk with others in community, and envision church in new ways. I learned again that I was a disciple of Jesus who called me to follow him in the Way.”

– The Rev. John Sullivan