The Anglican Bible

Online with the Center for Anglican Learning and Leadership (CALL): September 16 – November 4, 2019
In Person:  Participation in the online course includes the workshop ‘Speaking our Faith,’ Saturday October 5, 2019, ECMN Retreat Center, Faribault.

Anglican Approach to the Bible has as its primary goal to study ways in which the Bible has functioned in Anglicanism, from its beginnings in the English Reformation to the present day.   A primary focus of this course is on the dialogue between community and text that always occurs in scriptural communities of faith. Both the Bible and the church are powerful shaping agents in this dialogue. This course traces the history of the Bible’s roles in Anglicanism, focusing on issues and concerns central to identity and mission. The ways in which the Bible has influenced and has been influenced by Anglican worship, polity, and theology will help to refine and sharpen our focus on community-text dialogue.

Learning outcomes:

  • To gain a better picture of how the Bible has influenced and shaped Anglicanism
  • To gain a better picture of how the special interests and defining characteristics of Anglicanism have influenced and shaped the way in which the Bible functions in its constituent churches
  • To be able to relate the Bible to some of basic characteristics of Anglicanism (the three-legged stool of Scripture, Tradition, and Reason; diversity; communion, etc.)
  •  To have an increased understanding of the Bible’s pertinence in addressing major issues confronting church and society

Instructor: Dr. Donn Morgan, Ph. D.

Required Texts

  • Anglicanism and the Bible, Frederick Houk Borsch, editor (Morehouse Barlow, 1984)
  • A Bible
  • The Book of Common Prayer (The Episcopal Church)
  • Other Selected Readings to be provided online.

Recommended Future Reading

  • L. William Countryman, Biblical Authority or Biblical Tyranny
  •  Rowan A. Greer, Anglican Approaches to Scripture
  •  Donn Morgan, Fighting With the Bible

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