1. Person (Discernee) feels a sense of call and talks to their priest (or could start with a spiritual director, and spiritual director should also refer to sponsoring priest.)

2. Sponsoring Priest enters discernment the following ways:

a. Sets up several one-on-one appointments for discussion

b. Asks if they have a spiritual director, and if not, refers them to a list of people at www.episcopalspiritualdirection.org or other

c. Asks them to take a gifts discernment course (to be offered regularly in School for Formation)

d. Together, identifies a companion to walk with them from the local faith community (who will also be a part of ongoing discernment)

e. Together, identifies and undertakes a ministry project that best utilizes the discerned gifts

f. When ready to move forward, fills out a Sponsoring Priest Recommendation for Ministry Discernment Form B (as provided by Episcopal Church in Minnesota)

g. Discernee also fills out an individual request Form A

h. Forms are sent to the Missioner for Ministry

3. Person enters the Episcopal Church in Minnesota Discernment process

a. Process entails meeting with 3-5 other discernees from various faith communities. Each discernee brings along their companion – and the process is facilitated by a priest, a deacon, a lay person and a spiritual director

b. Process lasts 3-4 months

4. At conclusion of process, person is discerned towards priesthood, diaconate or lay ministry.

a. Discernment team fills out Form E Outcome of Discernment and each team person writes a letter that outlines and describes their reasons for the outcome.

b. Form E and accompanying letters sent to Missioner for Ministry

c. COM and Bishop begin a confidential file for paperwork, housed at 1730 Clifton Place