Facilitating Community

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Would you like to bring this workshop/course to your faith community? Reach out to formation@episcopalmn.org to start the conversation.

Facilitating Community is designed to provide a foundational understanding of leadership as ministry development and introduces participants to a learning community approach to religious leadership. Participants will examine what leadership means to them in relation to the Christian story and the missional church. This course includes readings, reflections and practice with group decision-making/participatory processes.

Here is what students in 2015 said about this course:

I’ve grown in my sense that there are ways to lead groups and communities that leave behind notions of leadership and authority that rely on control, intimidation, and guilt; that courageous leadership is about self-effacing service and allowing place for others.

I am very grateful I got to experience my very first online class with a group that was as positive and energetic as this one.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I would definitely take the ride again.  So many of your comments and posts have given me insights and perspectives I would have never otherwise had.   

I am grateful for your vulnerability–your willingness to dig deep and share emotionally and from your heart. I have learned a lot from you and feel hopeful for the future of our church knowing you will be leading right alongside of me.

This group has really helped me look at facilitation in new ways and grow my understanding of faith communities needs.

I’ve gained a better understanding on what I can do to build on my strengths and to try new approaches to progress in areas in which I need to improve.Like my work? Please head over to @meganengesethphotography or @meganengesethheadshots and like my page!

Instructor: Amanda Ziebell-Finley, ECMN Missioner for Mission. Ed.D. Candidate in Education, specializing in constructivist learning communities. MA in Organizational Leadership