Forming Disciples for Vital Congregations

There is no work more important in the church than what happens week by week in local congregations. When our faith community is alive and thriving, we see transformative encounters with Jesus. We see disciples sharing life deeply together, and building community with the poor and marginalized. We see leaders undertaking the labor of managing the organization itself with faith, discernment, and generosity. These aspects of vitality show up in many different ways, across the contexts of our church – rural and urban, small and large, led by committed volunteers or paid staff. Across cultures and contexts, there are so many ways congregations can be faithful to God’s work in their neighborhoods.

That’s why our bishop and diocesan leadership are committed in this season to the core work of nurturing vital congregations. The best way lay and ordained leaders can join in this critical work is by ongoing commitment to their own formation.

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