Election Day Reflection

Dear ones,

On this day, when we are surrounded by uncertainty and anxiety, I invite you to remember that no matter what happens today and in the days to follow, three things simply cannot change:

Jesus is Lord
Love wins
Death has died.

No candidate who is elected to any office can save us, and, no matter how dark things can occasionally get, no candidate can destroy us. Love has already won, and we are simply waiting for that victory to be revealed and known in its fullness. As we wait, no matter who is president, no matter the violence, anger, and heartache inside us, between us, or around us, our only job is to use our one life to point toward that love, to constantly will good for the other, to shine light in the darkness.

While the conditions for love and justice might improve or worsen based on who is elected to govern, the brokenness and longing for justice from the world’s oppressed and poor, and our call to stand with the Jesus who stands with them, doesn’t change at all. Our allegiance is to the beloved community, and our citizenship is in God’s kingdom, which even now continues to break into the world in small ways and big. I see it breaking in almost every day in conversations with each of you, and in every corner of ECMN.

I can’t think of anything I would rather give my whole life to than practicing that love, and pointing to that light, regardless of whatever the particular darkness around us looks like. I’m overfilled with love and gratitude to be called to share that work with such ones as you.

The Right Reverend Craig Loya

X Bishop

Episcopal Church in Minnesota

Election Day Prayer Vigil Videos

On election day, ECMN held vigil by praying every hour on the hour throughout the day, ending with Compline at 8pm as the polls closed in Minnesota.

The Bishop offered a framing for the vigil at 7am, click the link above to watch it.

You can find each of these videos by clicking here.

If you’d like to see a recording of the Compline service from the evening of November 3rd, you can click here.