The Path of Descent is the Path of Transformation

Looking for inspiration for your continuing education for this year? Check out this guest post from Katherine Lewis and Tom Sinning. Did you take part in an exceptional formation event? Write it up and share it with us!

Tom Sinning and Katherine Lewis in front of one of the eight meditative panels painted by artist Kyle Steed, entitled, “The Stations of Jonah”.

The Rev. Katherine Lewis (St. David’s, Minnetonka) and the Rev. Tom Sinning (Emmanuel, Alexandria) immersed themselves in study, prayer, interaction and reflection as part of the Center for Action and Contemplation’s (CAC) CONSPIRE Conference in Albuquerque, NM, August 31-September 2, 2018.  Led by CAC founder Father Richard Rohr and a faculty that included the Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor, Brian McLaren, Barbara Holmes and Mirabai Starr, Katherine and Tom joined over 1000 others in attendance (3000+ participating online) to explore the theme of personal and communal “descent” as a way toward individual and social transformation.

Using the biblical image of Jonah descending into the belly of the whale, participants explored the countercultural spiritual notion that it is not by “ascending” toward success/certitude/authoritative answers or solutions that we find our connection to God and love, but quite the contrary:  it is the path of descent that leads to transformation.   From the CAC website: “More than ideas of success, uncertainty, failure, relapse, suffering (personal and communal), and woundedness are our primary teachers.”

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