Lent 2018: Resources for your Practice

Here’s a short list of resources we’ve been sharing across multiple platforms, and some links to helpful spiritual practices you might consider for your journey through Lent this year. If you have other resources you want us to add to this list, send them to formation@episcopalmn.org!

Daily Meditations:

Short online courses:

A few other thoughts to prompt your practice:

  • What kind of Lenten fast might you consider in your tech life to un-hijack your mind? The longer we live with dopamine-intoxicating ‘phones’ at our fingertips, the easier it is to never be truly still, listening to something other than our own anxiety.
  • Now that you have a bit more control over your attention: How does your daily routine make space for God? What contemplative practices might you try on? (If you want to learn more about this, check out our Christian Spirituality course!)
  • Or: What voices, stories, and experiences can you encounter to meet God in others?
  • And a question for critical reflection: Is your Lenten practice actually a self-improvement project? The call to fasting, prayer, and silence in Lent isn’t a Christian cover on secular anxiety and DIY happiness. It’s about returning to God, who we meet in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, who offers us rest, grace, and belovedness.