Even now, creativity and freedom

Just last month, the leaders of Episcopal Service Corps sites across the Episcopal Church gathered for mutual support and learning and visioning for the future.

The more divisive and fearful our news cycle gets, the more important it is that we hold on to hope and put fear in its place. Fear shuts down our ability to think creatively, but we tell the story of a God whose Spirit goes out ahead of God’s people, weaving holy mischief, bringing life out of death, inviting us beyond our familiar routines into adventure.

Even and especially now, each of us has strengths, skills, vision, and energy for something that will make us more alive in the doing, and connect us to the life God is living in the world around us.

Even and especially now, our faith communities can be hubs for courageous innovation when we trust that God has given us the freedom and the will to do something new and beautiful together.

Check out the resources for individual and faith community discernment Karen Olson has compiled here. What freedom and joy might God be calling you to live into, even now?