Three steps to take advantage of our partnership with ChurchNext

“This deepened my body, mind, and spirit regarding racism on personal and theoretical levels.”

“I loved how it was broken up into sections and allowed me to return where I left off. The speakers and videos were very engaging.”

Friends, we’re excited to tell you that the School for Formation is continuing our partnership with ChurchNext, an online platform to learn from expert teachers in Scripture, liturgy, and important Christian topics in a safe, online environment that’s convenient, engaging, and affordable. ChurchNext courses are self-paced and short-form, a great complement to the longer courses offered by the School for Formation. Last spring, we offered Five Short Courses on Racial Justice as a beta-test, and the feedback we got — both about ease of use and about the content — was overwhelmingly positive. The partnership means that we can bring you access to any of ChurchNext’s courses via the School for Formation for free. WOW.

Here are three ways you can take advantage of this partnership:

  1. Head to to browse what we currently offer, and take a course yourself. They’re offered in two formats: ‘For Individuals’ lets you learn on your own. ‘For Groups’ is designed to be used in conversation with others in the same room — perfect for coffee hour, adult formation, bible study groups, and more.
  2. Like the format? Check out the multitude of offerings at and let us know what you’d like us to make available to you — email your wish list to!
  3. Not seeing content that you need? Email your thoughts to, and we’ll pass them along to the folks at ChurchNext — they are eager to hear from you.