How do ministry teams get engaged with the School for Formation?

With so many approaches to ‘team ministry’ in Minnesota, the School for Formation is a great resource for forming and supporting leaders.
Here are a few ways your team can take advantage of the SFF:
  • Learn together, build relationship across the faith community: Some members of the team and of the vestry/Bishop’s Committee take a course or attend a workshop together. Members of St. James, Fergus Falls recently did this.
  • Learn together, consolidate meetings. Members of a team take the course together for a reduced fee, and substitute the in-person gathering for their team meeting that month. Members of Emmanuel, Alexandria recently did this! (Contact Susan Daughtry, Missioner for Formation to arrange for a group rate for your team.)
  • Some members of the team take a course, and the team supports them by learning alongside!
    • Get a condensed version of course materials for all to discuss at your team meeting. When one or more members of a team take a course, the ministry developer can access it for no additional cost. Then the ministry developer uses the materials there to shape the team’s conversation at their meetings. Members of the Rooted in the Spirit team recently did this. Or, with advance notice, we can work with course instructors to prepare group discussion guides.
    • The team commits to reading one of the books or articles in the course. That way everyone is engaged with the material in a way that is sustainable for their schedules.
    • The team attends the stand-alone workshop together. Take a course that has a stand-alone workshop at the in-person day. That way, all can attend the workshop without necessarily having to take the online course.
  • Follow your own track, and come together to refuel. Each team member takes the courses that most closely pertain to their area of ministry, and use team meetings to gather around group decision-making, spiritual practices, and reflecting on where they’ve met God in their neighborhoods. Emmanuel, Alexandria and other faith communities are working on this model.
  • Bring the course to your faith community. Have a significant number of people who all want to take a course or workshop together? Talk to Susan about arranging an event day at your faith community.
Have more ideas? Pass them along to Susan!