What am I supposed to do with my life?

What am I supposed to do with my life? That’s a big question that Episcopalians answer with a practice of discernment — conversations with God, self, and community about how your particular gifts can be best offered to the world.

Episcopalians live out that answer partly through the shared practices of liturgy found in the Book of Common Prayer. In particular, the Pastoral Offices (marriage, reconciliation, burial, ministration to the sick, etc) reveal key aspects of how Christian leaders of all four orders relate to each other and the world around them. Join the Rev. Dr. Roger Ferlo, an experienced priest, teacher, and President of Bexley+Seabury, for a course that uses the lens of the Pastoral Offices to touch on issues of discernment, vocation, spiritual formation, community-building and the sacramental life for people who feel called to (or are currently engaged in) lay, diaconal or priestly leadership. Check it out. The course starts on November 14.