Sneak peek: Homiletics 2016

This year we welcome Lisa Cressman and the team at Backstory Preaching as instructors in the School for Formation’s Homiletics course. Lisa and her team use an ancient approach to Scripture (lectio divina) in combination with some new online tools (Slack and Coggle) and the time-tested approach of mind-mapping.Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 3.44.56 PM

Those three key tools combine with a deep acknowledgment that the preacher’s life – their backstory – is the ground from which she or he must share the Good News.

The ten participants in the course – some experienced preachers, some in formation for ordained roles, and some lay leaders – are walking through a very intentional process of sermon preparation that is prayerful, reflective, and rigorous –all with the goal of equipping preachers to show up with integrity, passion, and wisdom.