Fall courses begin in just a few weeks!

Friends, while your attention is on the events of our city and the world, and on your summer adventures, don’t forget about the School for Formation! Upcoming courses are topical and meant to be useful to your ministry right now. Check ’em out. All of these courses begin August 8th, and include an in-person day on September 9, 2016 at the Episcopal House of Prayer in Collegeville, MN, as well as seven weeks of online learning.

Facilitating Community with Amanda Ziebell-Finley

During this time of civic tension, leaders need to function as gatherers of God’s people, holding space for deepening relationships. Leadership means trusting the Holy Spirit to move in a group of faithful people so that they can discern their next steps together — whether it be about a budget or a new partnership for peace and justice in their neighborhood. This course is for anyone who wants to gain practical skills for facilitating their community’s work, especially ministry team members, vestry and bishop’s committee leaders, and current or aspiring clergy.


Speaking Good News in the midst of our beautiful and broken world is the Church’s work. In this course, participants will work through a step-by-step process of constructing and designing a one point, inductive, Biblical sermon that is faithful to the wild, free, diverse, and living word of scripture. This course is open to all who desire to grow or practice their skills in preaching.

Missional Leadership II: Practices and Habits that Let God Lead with Blair Pogue

The evidence is all around us: it is time for the Church to cultivate learning communities in which we can follow the Holy Spirit’s leading through experimentation without fear of failure. How can we help the people in our faith communities develop a theological imagination for their lives and work, follow the Way of Jesus using spiritual practices, and engage their friends and neighbors more fully? How might a deeper understanding of God as Trinity enable us to discern what God is up to in our lives and world, and participate in God’s life more fully? This course is for all who want to deepen their ministry, lay and ordained.

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