Aligning what we say with what we do

Leadership practices: many of us have learned a few. 2304_609402016326_8452_nWe do our best to apply them in our family life, our organizations, and in our faith communities. But sometimes we continue to run up against thorny problems in our relationships and work that aren’t easily solved – and often, it’s the unexamined assumptions we bring to the table that drive our behaviors. What we say we believe about our leadership and how we actually function can diverge without our realizing it.

Aligning values and behavior is a precursor to practicing those best practices in leadership. Join Caroline McCall of the Center for Church Vitality and the College for Congregational Development for the workshop ‘Mindset and Practice in Christian Leadership.’

Drawing on the work of Murray Bowen, Edwin Friedman, Chris Argyris, and others, we will define the link between leadership mindset and leadership practice. Caroline McCall Center for Church VitalityUsing case studies, we will move from theoretical understanding to practical experience. Each participant will have the opportunity to assess the assumptions and commitments that underlie their personal practice of leadership. With this understanding, each participant will define an intentional path toward increased effectiveness as a leader in the church.

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