Parables and their baggage

“Unless Christian preachers, teachers, and bible study leaders know about first century Judaism… Jesus gets yanked out of his Jewish context,

and he becomes the only Jew who’s compassionate toward women, interested in adapting Torah, interested in adapting the law to the needs of the contemporary community, the only Jew interested in peace…. We need to see Jesus as embedded within Judaism, and avoid the terrible stereotypes that sometimes creep into Christian teaching.” So says New Testament scholar Amy-Jill Levine. Her new book, Short Stories by Jesus, brings to light the ways our Jesus’ parables are limited and distorted by our inherited assumptions. It’s an insightful and challenging read – and will be one of the main texts used by the Rev. Dr. Marilyn Salmon in her workshop, He Spoke to Them in Parables, on May 7.

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