Dropping in to the Missional Management course…

In case you tScreen Shot 2016-04-19 at 2.56.03 PMhought the Missional Management course was all spreadsheets and policy manuals, check out these two resources — both of them have been key parts of the discussion and learning! Many thanks to Michael Pipkin for coordinating this course. We’ll offer it again next spring.

Studying Congregations

Studying Congregations is an exercise in practical theology. In this course, we will learn to do Missional Management through the disciplined application of theological “frames” as a way to describe what was, what is, and what can be possible in a faith community. Leaders in faith communities must learn to ask what a faith community says about its faith in God and what their actions say for it – in this way, we can compare implicit theology and explicit theology, and then discern the why, how and what of their life together. 

The Studying Congregations website is a powerful resource for understanding this work. Please become familiar with this website, explore what is available, paying particular attention to the four frames for study: Ecology, Culture, Resources, and Process. 



There are three things that cause stagnation (what Brene Brown calls “disengagement”) – Scarcity, Shame, and Comparison. Watch this presentation to understand the effects of Scarcity, Shame, and Comparison on how we function as individual – and be thinking about how we, as Church, experience these shame emotions and stagnations.