Beyond the SFF: Opportunities and Resources Coming Up



ChurchNext is a learning ecosystem that wants to change your life. Great teachers offer short online courses that you can take solo, or as a group, with downloadable conversation guides and excellent videos. Check out their extensive library of free or affordable online courses for individuals and church study groups!

Into Action

This national study of recently ordained clergy was designed to answer a question: How do clergy move most effectively from education into action as religious leaders? Find out more here.


May 3: Engaging Adults (Vibrant Ministry) | Minneapolis

May 10: The Art of Hosting Missional Communities | Ohio

Join Tom Brackett, Cheri Leonard, Jane Gerdsen and a variety of other leaders for this training and retreat at Procter Center May 10 – 12. Cost for double room occupancy is $200; single occupancy $250. Scholarships are available for those who need them. For more information contact Jane Gerdsen at More information and registration are here:

May 13 – 14: Trauma and Its Aftermath: Moral Injury and Moral Meaning-Making | Minneapolis

What does it mean to have a “soul wound?” Moral injury is a relatively new term, and defines a profound change in or betrayal of one’s sense of right or wrong. What is our part in creating space for healing? How can these injuries that have shown up in the worlds of mental health and spiritual care be repaired? Rev. Dr. Brock, co-founder and Director of the Soul Repair Center at Brite Divinity School in Ft. Worth, Texas, describes moral injury as “a complex wound of the soul,” resulting from empathy and self-reflection on values in the wake of morally ambiguous, extreme conditions. Brock uses the term “soul repair” as a way to describe the process of recovery from moral injury.

May 24: Storytelling as Evangelism | ECF WebinarStorytelling_as_evangelism_322x322

Drawing on his experiences of leading the parish where he serves as rector in a congregational storytelling project over the past year, Edmund will invite participants to consider how sharing stories in their own church contexts might enable people to engage in evangelism that is, to quote Bishop Curry, “genuine and authentic.” Designed for lay leaders, clergy and anyone who is interested in thinking creatively about evangelism in 2016, this webinar will consider practices, tools, and resources for inviting and equipping congregations to share their stories of faith.

eform16-logoJune 6 – 8: e-Formation | Virginia Theological Seminary, or Webinar Access

e-Formation is a learning community for ministry in a digital world. We believe culturally savvy, digitally literate leadership skills are essential in every congregation and regional church body. We believe such skills are best learned by active participation in a community of practice. At the center of our learning network is the e-Formation Conference, which in 2015 brought together almost 300 participants in person and online.

June 14 – 17: Tri-History Conference:Wondering, Witness/Worship, and War: Historical Encounters between the Episcopal and Anglican Church and Indigenous Peoples in North America | Oneida, Wisconsin

Screen Shot 2011-09-23 at 6.03.08 PMJune 23 – 26: The Art of Protest | United Theological Seminary, New Brighton, MN

In the days of social justice unrest and heightened awareness of the inequalities related to racism, ART has sometimes spoken more loudly than protests. Summer Institute 2016 invites you to discover how art can disrupt our common narrative, speak to a difficult conversation, invite us to a different understanding, and lead us to transformation and action.